Missions have been an intricate part of The House of Prayer since it's inception.  We have supported various ministries outside our church through a tithe of our church tithes and special offerings.  We believe God has blessed us over the years due to our willingness to do so.

Some of the ministries we've supported to date are::  Bethel Bible Village, Bible League, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Zimbabwe churches and The Father's House Orphanage and Zoe Ministry International, Inc.

Zimbabwe Churches

God has laid the country of Zimbabwe on our heart.  We have been going there since 1990 and have seen God do amazing things.  We serve as an apostle to eight churches there.  We've conducted many conferences ministering to the body of Christ.  Many have given their hearts to Christ, been healed and delivered from demonic spirits.  We have conducted leadership conferences, marriage seminars, ladies and men's meetings, as well as youth meetings.  Only by the power of the Holy Ghost has this been accomplished.

The Father's House​ Orphanage

Also, we have helped start an orphanage for children left behind by deceased parents.  AIDS has taken thousands of lives there and left countless children with no parents to  support them.  The Father's House​'s slogan is, "Bringing Hope, A Future and Life to Orphans."  This ministry was started in May of 2003 and has served fifteen children in this time. Nine of these children have grown up and moved out of the house, six are still in residence there.  Founder and Pastor, Rewai Mattengambiri, is  in the process of building a seven thousand square meter house that will house sixty children.  Along with providing housing, food, clothing and schooling, they offer a family atmosphere which  includes involvement in their churches.  You would not know that these children are fighting Aids, They are included in every way and are doing much better than most in their condition.  God is blessing them and they are reentering society with an ability to manage on their own.  We are blessed to be a part of this ministry.  Partners to this ministry are welcomed.

Zoe Ministry International Inc.

God, in a dream, laid this ministry on the hearts of ​Marvin and Irene McCarson in 2004.  The dream went as follows. "I saw three ships and God gave them names: Faith, Hope, and Love.  Faith would carry the word of God providing the building material necessary to build peoples faith in Him.  Love would carry the food, such as rice, flour, sugar and etc. needed to equip people with the nutrients required for physical strength and survival.  The last ship, Hope, would provide the children of God, that would give freely the word of God and the food and clothing necessary to meet their physical and spiritual needs.  The fields are ripe but the workers are few. Will you be one of my workers?" 

In 2010,  their dream became a reality.  Zoe Ministry International Inc. was born.  Zoe focuses on the physical and spiritual needs of the unemployed, the Gypsy population, as well as developing churches in Greece.  Of course, Greece is filled with people from neighboring Balkan countries, .  People, hoping for a better life have traveled there, most often find themselves without necessary provisions for life.  Marvin and Irene feel compelled of God to help meet as many of those needs as possible.

Pray and ask God if you should join us in this ministry.  Contact information can be obtained through The House of Prayer,Clarksville, VA.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Every since 1980 we've bee supporting Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  We started with Richmond Crisis Center and then moved to FarmVille Pregnancy when they started a few years back.  Now, we've moved our support to The Selah Center here in Clarksville, VA.  Their slogan is "Loving Life in Lake Country."  The Selah Center is a Christ-centered nonprofit ministry serving Virginia’s Lake Country region for the purpose of helping pregnant women make choices that will save lives. The Center offers support by providing alternative options to abortion through biblical counseling and educational resources.

Bethel Bible Village

Bethel Bible Village is a safe, nurturing place where children and families in crisis live in family-style homes on our 64-acre campus in Hixson, Tennessee. They provide for all the child’s needs, from food and clothing to medical care, counseling, education, as a Christ-centered ministry.  They offer programs to the specific needs of children, teens and families in crisis situations:  They serve as an alternative to foster care for children, help for pregnant teens and teen moms, residential care for teen boys with behavioral/emotional challenges and help for homeless families.


They do not take custody of the children in our care. In many cases, placing a child at Bethel can avoid the need to place the child in state custody.  They work with the child’s legal guardian, family members, social workers and the courts to create the best course of action, with a focus on the whole child, including spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, emotional and educational needs.Their goal, whenever possible, is to eventually reunite children with their families, as long as conditions are safe and appropriate for this.  As youth and teens begin to see hope, they can reframe their lives and behavior in new and positive ways, and they leave there equipped to live to the fullest potential God intends for them.

Bible League

​Bible League serves the under-resourced Church globally through the provision of Bibles, biblical resources, and training to transform lives worldwide through God’s Word.  For over 75 years Bible League International has been equipping the local church with God’s Word worldwide. Today they serve in six regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America, equipping the under-resourced Church so they can reach their communities with the Gospel. Their ministry programs include their Project Philip evangelistic and discipleship Bible study; Bible-based Literacy; and Church Planter Training. Through these programs, people connect with Christ so their lives can be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.