Ladies  Lunch Out

Ladies get together quarterly for Lunch-out.


​Focus time

E stands for Encouragement & Evangelism

Ladies have an opportunity to invite their friends to a light luncheon.  Before and after

lunch, door prizes and gifts are given.  Each lady goes home feeling refreshed and loved.

Celebrating at the Cheese Cake Factory!

\A stands for Agreement & Accolades

​Ladies have an opportunity to present their prayer needs, so that others can come into agreement with them.  We give all the accolades to the Lord Jesus for answering prayer..  


Ladies Get Away Weekend


In the spring or Fall ladies take a few days to get away from the routine and spend quality time with the Lord and with the ladies in the church and  community.  This is a great time to grow in faith and  make friends with other women.

T stands for Teaching & Training

During the Ladies T.E..A. a lady presents a  brief exhortation or teaching especially suited for ladies

​Oh happy day, we get to celebrate!

Ladies' T.E.A.

Yikes!  Not another birthday!!!


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