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Clarksville in the Winter

Belonging Classes

   4 weeks

Sunday Service  10:00 am - 12:00  Worship & Word  

Telephone:  434-374-2007




(Stream Sermons)

T.H.O.P Worship Team

  • Men's  Minsitry
  • Ladies Ministry
  • Youth
  • Childrens Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Nursery
  • Unity Hall Banquets
  • Coffee Shop
  •  Church  Adornment
  • Young Adults
  • Sew Happy  Quilters Guild

Clarksville - the place to be

The House of Prayer - the place to worship!

JESUS - the One worthy of All  praise!


Autumn on Kerr Lake

Reflections of Sunset

THOP Calendar

   Sunsets over Clarksville Bridge


  Clarksville, with its mild climate and low

cost of living draws people from all across the country. The 800 shore miles around our lake provide recreational opportunities for outdoor sports such as fishing, boating, sailing etc. in the summer, while the wonderful wildlife make it the hunter's dream in the  spring and fall.  

    Multiple festivals and the Fine Arts

 Theater keep this quaint little town from becoming the run of the mill place to live. We are thrilled that God has placed us in this very historical region to be a part of marking its spiritual history. We believe that our church bridges the gap between the very young and the very old. People of every social status, race, ethnic group or church orientation are welcome to worship with us.


Family relationships provide our children with a critical sense of being valued and with a vital network of emotional, as well as, social support.  The family is, or should be, a safe harbor where we find refuge and comfort as we experience the storms of life.  The family is the place where nurturing takes place and one develops moral and spiritual concepts.  We believe that building strong family values will help our world become a better place.

If you fail to plan, 

​you plan to fail!