The House of Prayer began as a Bible study on October 23, 1979 with seven women.  Buddy and Beth Davidson of Colonial Heights, Virginia were sent by their home church, the House of Prayer, presently located in Chesterfield, Virginia, to teach the study.  The first night ended with people surrendering their hearts to Jesus and one lady being miraculously delivered from the spirit of suicide and gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit. Healings, deliverances, salvations and infillings  marked the early days of our church history.   As the study grew, the need for a spirit filled church in Clarksville became obvious.  Buddy & Beth were ordained by their pastors, Steve and Sharon Stells, and sent to establish and  pastor such a church.  On February 10, 1980, they rented a small building on Fourth Street and the Clarksville House of Prayer held their first  official service. They continued holding services there until May of 1981 when they moved into the old theater building on 334 Virginia Avenue.  They renovated the theater and purchased it in 1985, where they held worship services until they built and moved into this present building on May 1, 20ll. God has been faithful throughout the years and has rewarded the faithfulness of His people.  Teaching, training and making disciples of people has always been a church priority.  Although very active in the local community, they maintain a progressive vision that extends into the uttermost parts of the earth. They provide apostolic covering for the Bridge of Hope Fellowship in Kentucky, and have established churches and an orphanage in Zimbabwe, Africa and presently have a missionary in Greece. They have sent teams to minister into sixteen nations of the world and believe that this is just the beginning of what God will do as they continue to surrender their lives to HIM.   They give HIM ALL THE GLORY FOR THE GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO.History