• ​​​​that they may know Christ

  • understand His Word

  • grow in their own spiritual walk

  • be able to share the love of Christ with others


​​Every summer, kids 7-11,  enjoy a three day camp.  Activities are age appropriate and center on specific themes to facilitate their spiritual growth.  ROCK OUT provides a time of fellowship, fun and character/personal development.  Most importantly, the purpose of camp is to create an enviroment where children can experience God's presence and enhance their relationship with Him.

Market Day Celebration 

Market Day is a carnival-like celebration where children have an opportunity to play games, purchase snacks and items from the Market  with ROCK currency earned during the quarter.  Each visitor is given token currency so they can participate as well.  

Kids have a great time while learning the Bible.  Classes take place each Sunday following worship and each Wednesday following announcements . 

The only exception is when there are five Sundays in the month. On the 5th Sunday, children remain in the sanctuary.  Our curriculum prepares them to minister during and after the service, They are encouraged to enter into worship and prayer during the altar ministry.  They are often called forward to minister with the elders.

 Kids' Relying on Christ the King

Kids' ROCK